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What about everyone else? What about those who have never heard about Jesus? What about those who left the church, or abandoned faith because of hypocrisy or hurt that came from within the church, or man made religion?


Where are the films that reach these people? Where are the films that apologize for the hurt, the shaming, or the neglect? Where are the films that embrace “the least of these” and say “You are loved”?



This is the mission of 99 to1 Media. To produce content that reaches those that other faith-based films do not.
Content wise, this means that these films are going to meet people where they are.


Our films will remain true to the lives of the “lost.” That means there are going to be ugly, messy, uncomfortable scenarios. There will be coarse language. There may be depictions of violence, abuse, and other things that are uncomfortable. If we do not “honor” or acknowledge the experience of those we are seeking, we will lose the opportunity to connect with them. They will  not trust that we know or understand their experience and they will walk away like they did before.

Our films will be made to reach and connect with people that are far from God. Our content is not made for ratings or to discredit any other films or genres. Our content will be made with truth, facts, inspired by and rooted in The Gospel.

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